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City Center one - Mobile Application

Having in mind that today's shopper has a shopping bag in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, mobile apps have become another outlet for the shopper to take control of their path to purchase. Besides developing a mobile application that reflects customers needs, the task was to create a compelling incentive for encouraging customer interaction and loyalty to the brand with a help of beacon technology.


This ‘I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-buy moments’ is what City Center one wanted to address. The solution was in building an integrated mobile app, that not only informs but actively engages mobile-savvy shoppers, offering them interactive content and promotional offers to connect directly with various brands on a recurring basis. The goal wasn’t just to offer clear and visually attractive information, but to build stronger connections with customers by understanding shopping patterns, improving brand visibility and create a space for a second phase development - the beacon integration with the use of gamification model, which is going to be implemented this coming Fall.



By following client requirements, we have implemented in an existing website content management system, custom models that integrate not the just website, but also app content. To enable targeting customers inside a shopping center, besides developing push notification dashboard system, we have integrated beacon technology. Defining the app’s concept and User Experience (UX) was a crucial factor in the initial development phase as well as turning UX into a proper User Interface (UI) design. Collaboration with the client marketing team was a key factor in the development process.



The possibilities for gamification with beacon technology are endless, and they are providing a much higher success rate than allowing customers to play a passive role in the loyalty relationship.

Two months after building the app, the Christmas time came close along with shopping rush, which was perfect for encouraging new users to download the app. We captured the holiday spirit by creating a virtual treasure hunt inside a shopping center.

With the help of beacons, which are small wireless devices that broadcast signals using Bluetooth, we have managed to trigger unique and fun customer experience via the app.


Each beacon presented one ornament that had to be discovered with a specific clue. Once a participant came within the range of the beacon, messages were triggered and sent directly to customers smartphone.

The treasure hunt encouraged customers to explore the whole center, not just their favorite stores. The participants who collected all ornaments completed the challenge and won a small chocolate prize. To win the main prize customers had to share a personalized greeting card on Facebook.



The treasure hunt proved a great success, generating more engagement among customers.
During one week campaign, more than 500 people were a part of this game. The number of application downloads (in that period) increased over 30%. The number of collected ornaments was over 3.000. With the launch of the mobile app connected with beacon technology, City Center One has once again proved as the mover in the domestic market in keeping pace with the global digital trends.



While, there are still many challenges surrounding beacon devices and their implementation, with new business use cases emerging daily, it is clear a variety of industries believe this type of hyper-local targeting and push messaging is an important way to communicate with customers in the coming years. In a fragmented world of screens, attention is increasingly the one thing that matters more than everything else. These new advertising practices are driven by audience behavior that occurs in the moment. They answer the question, How are we going to get closer to what our audience cares about right now? Here at Studio Revolucija, we recognize these trends and ensure that yours and your customers needs are meet.

Croatian advertising and communications festival in April 2016 awarded this project as the best in Mobile Mixx category.