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When Iskon offered us the opportunity to work on the design and creation of a new version of the Iskon Jumbo service we eagerly accepted this big challenge. The well-known Iskon Jumbo Mail service, which allows users to send, store and share files up to 700MB in size without registration, began operating six years ago and today is one of the most widely-used local services for free file sharing. To redesign the interface to which users are accustomed, regardless of its usability limitations and issues is always a very difficult task. Like in all aspects of life the hardest thing is to change the old, deeply ingrained habits, which is a particular challenge in the world of digital interfaces.

Planning the production process is essential for rapid development

Despite the large number of users, the existing solution for file sharing had become outdated and had to be refreshed by rebranding and complete redesign of the interface, as well as enhanced with the development of completely new services. The territory into which Iskon willingly ventured belonged to the increasingly popular Dropbox and upcoming Google Drive, which presented a major challenge in technical terms, but also set strict requirements in terms of deadlines.

These projects had been in development for years while we practically had mere months to realize the entire project. Sometimes crazy time constraints make you organize the work so well that with just a bit of luck on the side you get a maximum out of your team and in a short time you manage to catch up with the worst of deadlines.


Iskon Jumbo logo

Elephant never forgets - pictures are sometimes worth more than words

The service was named after the famous elephant Jumbo, who in the 19th century entertained visitors of the London Zoo. Jumbo the Elephant, and his name as such being internationally synonymous with large packages, had thus far played a minor role in the service. Elaboration of the new visual identity brought the elephant to the fore. By deciding to use the orange and grey colours we esentially adhered to the recognizable root identity of Iskon and special emphasis was placed on the actual mascot of the project.

Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing. John Donne

Using simple visual language, at the level of symbols, and subtle graphic interventions we fit the elephant in the character typeface. In its simplicity the logo became recognizable and easily memorable, and the design of the initial letter a clear icon of the project.


Iskon Jumbo slonovi

With the new visual identity we created a set of illustrations of Jumbo the Elephant. Themed illustrations accompany Jumbo in different situations to facilitate user orientation and on a visual and symbolic level demonstrate the differences between service types.


Iskon Jumbo - home

Communication as a prerequisite of cooperation

Along with the complete redesign and new visual identity of the service, we complemented the existing service by devising and developing the frontend interface of the new file sharing service - Jumbo Box. The packages that form the basis of the service are Jumbo Box Free, Jumbo Box and Jumbo PowerBox, offering space to store files and their sharing to registered users.

Iskon Jumbo - jumbo

In complex projects which involve multiple development teams communication is often the key component of project success. We were lucky that from the outset we had enjoyed excellent cooperation with the development team of the company, that was responsible for the backend while we were preoccupied with fronted, devising the complete user experience and UI interface.

Iskon.Jumbo works on the same drag-and-drop principle as Dropbox. The main operating interface allows the sharing of all files with other Box or PowerBox users on the principle of shared folders.

Iskon Jumbo - stat

Sharing with recipients who are not part of the Jumbo community works in the way that the recipient receives an email notification containing a link to the shared folder and can then proceed to download the folder’s contents.

Iskon Jumbo - upload

Additional functionality

As an added value for the new service we developed an interface for a torrent client that is integrated in all of the packages and an integrated access to the files (video and images) through Iskon TV. It was made possible to connect to Iskon TV so that the users of this service could via their TVs watch or share the contents of their JUMBO accounts with other users of the service.

Iskon Jumbo - torrent

Keep calm and torrent everything. Anonimus

For PowerBox users we provided advanced visual interface customization so that, when registering, they could select a custom URL, a specially designed banner in the header or a background to display a logo to their sharing accounts in order to make them fully branded.

Iskon Jumbo logo 2

With our help and all the new features we developed, Jumbo grew up virtually overnight and became a serious service for file sharing.

We chose Studio Revolucija as our partner in designing and frontend development of the Iskon.Jumbo service because they had come to stand out in the market as a creative and reliable agency which followed global digital trends. The project was completed to mutual satisfaction and our partnership with Studio Revolucija proved a great success.

— Nikša Gopčević, Head of Project, Iskon internet

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